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Mergers & Inquisitions contains hundreds of free articles and videos, plus premium courses and coaching all devoted to helping  you break into and get promoted within the investment banking, private equity and hedge fund industries. This page shows you how to start getting the most value from our site right now…

What is M&I?


Mergers & Inquisitions is all about helping you break into the finance industry – investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, and more – and then thrive when you’re on the job.

To do that, we cover dozens of different topics: How to network effectively via LinkedIn, emails, and phone calls, how to craft a winning resume, how to pitch yourself like a pro in interviews, how to complete case studies and modeling tests, and what you do on the job in finance.

If you’re new, we recommend starting with The Banker Blueprint, our free, detailed guide to recruiting.

You should also take a look at our guide on how to get a banking job for more information about the industry.

Once you’ve reviewed those, take a look at the section below for our best advice and resources on specific topics.

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The M&I Starter Pack

How to Position Yourself for Investment Banking as a 1st or 2nd Year University Student or High School Student

The sequence of internships and activities you need to participate in to have a good chance of winning internships at the top banks.

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How to Tell Your "Story" in Investment Banking Interviews

How to walk through your resume or CV like a pro in interviews and tell a story so good that you win over banks in the first 3 minutes.

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Guide to Investment Banking Interviews and the Superday Process

What to expect in investment banking interviews, how the Superday process works, and how to prepare for "fit" and technical questions.

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Investment Banking Resume Template for University Students

Our famous IB resume template for university students seeking internships and full-time roles at banks.

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Investment Banking LinkedIn Profile: How to Make It Great

Get our templates, tips, and tutorials for your LinkedIn profile - yes, it's essential even if you're a university student.

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Networking Email Templates That Will Double Your Response Rate in 15 Minutes or Less

Download our email templates for requesting informational interviews, following up, and directly asking about jobs.

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How to Cold Email Your Way into a PE Internship and Full-Time IB Job

The most in-depth networking guide on the site - how to email your way into internships and full-time jobs at banks and private equity firms.

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How to Break into the Finance Industry as an Older Candidate: 6 Paths to Beating the Odds

How to break into finance even if you have "too much experience" or you're "too old" to be an IB Analyst or Associate.

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How to Dominate the MBA Investment Banking Recruiting Process

What to expect in MBA-level investment banking recruiting, how to prepare, and how the questions and processes differ at different banks.

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Resume Template for Associate-Level Candidates in Investment Banking

How to present your full-time work experience effectively as a career changer or MBA-level candidate - templates and tips.

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Investment Banking LinkedIn Profile: How to Make It Great

Get our templates, tips, and tutorials for your LinkedIn profile - it's essential if you have full-time work experience.

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How to Break into Investment Banking from a Part-Time / Evening / Weekend MBA Program

Tips for moving from a full-time career in corporate finance into investment banking, using a part-time MBA program.

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How to Break into Investment Banking as a Career Changer in a Part-Time, Non-Target MBA Program

An account of how a reader used real estate and corporate finance experience, plus an MBA degree, to break into investment banking... twice!

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How to Break into Private Equity as a Foreigner in China – As Everyone Else is Getting Deported

Inspirational story of how a Big 4 professional quit his job, moved to China, and won an offer in private equity there.

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From the Back Office to Front Office Private Equity: How to Make the Leap

Account of how a reader moved from a custody bank to private equity, using a Master's in Finance degree and school-year internships.

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