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Stuff Investment Bankers Like, Round 3

Stuff Investment Bankers Like: Unsolicited Advice, Unread Newspapers, Assistants, Working on Christmas, Models and Models, Lucites, and Forecasting Apocalypse.
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Investment Banking Sell Day

How to Dominate Your Investment Banking Sell Day

Investment Banking Sell Day: How to Get Into the Best Group and Dominate the Competition.
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Job Offer Doghouse

Can You Renege On Your Investment Banking Job Offer Without Being Blacklisted for Life?

How to Renege on Your Investment Banking Job Offer: When It Makes Sense, When It Doesn't, the Consequences, and How to Do It.
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How to Quit Your Investment Banking Job Without Getting Executed

How to Quit Your Investment Banking Job Without Burning Any Bridges.
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Investment Banking Interview Horror Stories

Embarrassing Investment Banking Interview Failure Stories: Enjoy, and Learn from Our Mistakes.
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You Didn’t Get Any Full-Time Investment Banking Offers. Here’s What To Do Next

How to Get Into Investment Banking If You Didn't Get Any Full-Time Offers During Recruiting Season.
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Stuff Investment Bankers Like, Round 2: Email Forwards That Destroy Careers, Blue Shirts, Headphones, The Track, Markup, The West Wing, and Closing Dinners

Stuff Investment Bankers Like: Email Forwards, Blue Shirts, Headphones, Markup, The Track, The West Wing, and Closing Dinners.
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Copy This Investment Banking Associate Resume Template to Break In As an Associate

How to Write an Investment Banking Resume That Gets You Offers at the Associate Level.
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Why Investment Banking? How To ACE This Interview Question Every Time

How to Answer the 'Why Investment Banking' Question in Investment Banking Interviews to Land Offers. With Examples of Answers You Can Use…
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No, You Can’t Have It All: Why Finance Does Not Guarantee You $10 Million and Your Own Beach in Thailand

Warning: Going Into Investment Banking May Not Make You Rich or Allow You to Get a Private Beach in Thailand. Read On to Find Out Why.
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