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Traders and Brokers: Bud Fox vs. Gordon Gekko?

Traders vs. Brokers: How They're Different, How Much They Earn, and How to Break Into the Industry.
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The Don Draper Guide to Investment Banking

The Don Draper Guide to Investment Banking

The Don Draper Guide to Investment Banking: How to Use Don's Tactics to Seduce Co-Workers, Make Bank, and Get Ahead in Finance.
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Investment Banking Cover Letter

The Investment Banking Cover Letter Template You’ve Been Waiting For

Investment Banking Cover Letter Template: Copy and Paste This Template to Land Investment Banking Interviews and Offers.
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From Middle-Office Operations to Front-Office Sales & Trading: How One Reader Made the Leap and How You Can Do It Too

From Middle Office Operations to Real Trading: How to Network with Traders and Make the Move to Become a Real Trader.
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its not rocket science

It’s Not Rocket Science: Why You Should Stop Learning Partial Differential Equations If You Want to Break Into Investment Banking

Investment Banking Math: Why You Don't Need a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics to Do the Job. It's just Arithmetic.
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From Nuclear Submarines to Investment Banking

From Nuclear Submarines to Investment Banking: How to Make the Leap from the Military to Finance

How to Break Into Investment Banking from the Military - Networking, Interviews, MBA Programs, and More.
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Stuff Investment Bankers Like, Round 3

Stuff Investment Bankers Like: Unsolicited Advice, Unread Newspapers, Assistants, Working on Christmas, Models and Models, Lucites, and Forecasting Apocalypse.
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Investment Banking Sell Day

How to Dominate Your Investment Banking Sell Day

Investment Banking Sell Day: How to Get Into the Best Group and Dominate the Competition.
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Job Offer Doghouse

Can You Renege On Your Investment Banking Job Offer Without Being Blacklisted for Life?

How to Renege on Your Investment Banking Job Offer: When It Makes Sense, When It Doesn't, the Consequences, and How to Do It.
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How to Quit Your Investment Banking Job Without Getting Executed

How to Quit Your Investment Banking Job Without Burning Any Bridges.
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