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Hammock on tropical island

No, You Can’t Have It All: Why Finance Does Not Guarantee You $10 Million and Your Own Beach in Thailand

Warning: Going Into Investment Banking May Not Make You Rich or Allow You to Get a Private Beach in Thailand. Read On to Find Out Why.
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Trading floor

On the Trading Floor

What the Trading Floor is Really Like: How Many Monitors, Models, and Bottles You Get, and How Much Food You Eat.
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meaningless certifications

Stuff Investment Bankers Don’t Like: The CFA, Your Activities, Your Ph.D., and More

Stuff That Won't Get You Into Investment Banking: The CFA, Activities, Certifications, Financial Modeling Courses, and a Ph.D.
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trophy wives

Stuff Investment Bankers Like: Trophy Wives, Talking About Cocaine, Pls Do, Buenos Aires, Making Empty Threats, Lying, and Reminiscing

Stuff Investment Bankers Like: Multiple Trophy Wives, Cocaine, Slave-Driving, Buenos Aires, Empty Threats, Lying, and Reminiscing.
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Free Investment Banking Template

The Ideal Investment Banking Resume Template To Land Interviews & Job Offers

Sample .DOCX Investment Banking Resume Template To Break Into Investment Banking. Includes Structure, Text & Formatting. Just Add Education & Experience!
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investment banking slacker

How to Win Friends and Influence People in Investment Banking by Slacking Off and Pretending to Work Hard

How to Get Top Recommendations and Pay in Investment Banking by Slacking Off and Pretending to Work Hard.
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White 3D Character in Front of a Big Red Question Mark Illustration on White Background

Unknown State School with No Finance Background to Investment Banking: How to Make the Leap

Unknown State School to Investment Banking: How to Find Contact Information, Cold Call and Cold Email, Interview, and Win Offers.
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Investment Banking: Italy Edition

A reader shares his thoughts on getting into top MBA programs in Europe, working in investment banking in Italy, and how to network while overseas.
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Sample farewell email

Sample Farewell Email: How To Go Out In Style

How to Write the Perfect Farewell Email and Go Out In Style - Without Pissing Anyone Off. Samples & Advice to Stand Out – for the Right Reasons.
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Becoming Frank Quattrone: Investment Banking Lingo

Becoming Frank Quattrone: Investment Banking Lingo 2.0

Guide to investment banking lingo: Downtime, Alt Tab, Staffer, Closing Dinner, DD and the MD (no not the doctor...).
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