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Buy-Side vs Sell-Side: The Worst Way to Categorize Finance Firms?

Buy-Side vs Sell-Side: How the Work, Hours, Lifestyle, Salaries + Bonuses, Exit Opportunities, and More Differ - and Which One You Should Pick.
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Commercial Real Estate Groups

How to Break Into Commercial Real Estate and Build an Empire

Commercial Real Estate: How to Break In, The Different Fields, How Much You Get Paid, and Exit Opportunities.
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From Big 4 Restructuring to Investment Banking

From Big 4 Restructuring to Investment Banking: How to Make the Leap

From Big 4 Restructuring to Investment Banking: How to Network, Craft Your Resume, and Dominate Your Interviews.
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Dubai Investment Banking

From London to the Middle East: How to Break Into Investment Banking in Dubai

Dubai Investment Banking Recruiting: How to Apply, Network, Break In, and Ace Your Interviews in Dubai.
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Investment Banking Recruiting Europe

Investment Banking Recruiting in Europe: London vs. Frankfurt vs. Milan

Investment Banking Recruiting in Europe: London vs. Frankfurt vs. Milan - What to Expect With CVs, Assessment Centres, and Interviews.
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China Private Equity

Why You Can’t Break Into Private Equity as a Foreigner in China

Private Equity in China: How to Break In, Why Foreigners Are Being Forced Out, and What to Do If You're from China and Want to Get In.
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How Investment Bankers Win Clients

Bottles and Bottles? How You Really Win Clients and Land Mega-Deals as an Investment Banker

How You Win Clients and Land Deals as an Investment Banker: How Managing Directors Meet CEOs, Develop Relationships, and Pitch for Deals.
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Industry Groups vs. Product Groups

Industry Groups vs. Product Groups: Got Exit Opps?

Industry Groups vs. Product Groups: How M&A, ECM, DCM, and LevFin Differ from Tech/Healthcare/FIG/Energy in Investment Banking and Which Group to Choose.
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Man and question marks

Why Private Equity?

Why Private Equity? How to Answer This Question in Private Equity Interviews, Win Offers, and Advance Up the Ladder On the Job.
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Assessment Centers and Competency Questions

Investment Banking Recruiting in the UK: All About Competency Questions, Assessment Centers and More

Investment Banking Assessment Centers and Competency Questions: How to Answer Everything Successfully and Win IB Offers.
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