Investment Banking Industry Groups

An Overview of the Key Industry Coverage Groups In Investment Banks

What Are Industry Groups?

Definition: Industry Groups (also known as “Coverage Groups” or “Industry Coverage Groups”) are teams in the corporate finance division of an investment bank that advise on all deal types but only within specific industries.

In other words, an industry group such as Healthcare advises companies in that industry on mergers, acquisitions, debt and equity issuances, IPOs, spin-offs, divestitures, and restructuring deals – but it does not advise technology or energy companies (for example).

This definition contrasts with Product Groups, which are the opposite: they only advise on a specific deal type, such as M&A deals or equity issuances, but they do so across a wide variety of industries (e.g., technology, healthcare, real estate, consumer/retail, etc.).


Industry Coverage Groups Hours & Pay

The working hours and salary and bonuses in Industry Groups are broadly in line with the investment banking industry as a whole.

Deciding which group to join based on hours and pay is borderline insane – you’re in the wrong industry if you’re thinking about where you would get the “best lifestyle.”

You could potentially get better hours by joining a group such as equity capital markets (ECM), but that is a product group, not an industry group, choice.


Comparison with Product Groups

We put together this detailed article on Industry Groups vs Product Groups to highlight the differences between the two. Spoiler: the practical differences are smaller than you might think.

Further Training For Investment Banking

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