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operational strategy consulting

All About Operational Consulting: Moving Beyond PowerPoint to Add Real Value to Companies?

Operational Consulting 101: What It Is, How It Differs from Management Consulting, What You Do Day-to-Day, and How to Break In.
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Brazil - Example Ownership Structure

How to Advise on a Mega M&A Deal in Latin America and Survive in One Piece: A Story from the Inside

Latin America M&A Deals: How They're Different, What to Expect, Key Obstacles, and Country-Specific Differences Based on a True Story.
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Finance New Year's Resolutions

Got Resolutions? (That You Can Actually Keep?)

Finance New Year's Resolutions: How to Make Promises You Can Actually Keep and Move to the Buy-Side, Get In Shape, and Win Certifications.
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Boutique M&A Bank to Distressed Hedge Fund

From M&A Boutique Bank to Distressed Hedge Fund: How to Make the Leap, Part 1

M&A Boutique to Distressed Hedge Fund: How to Recruit, Interview, and Pitch Yourself Successfully to Land Offers at Top Hedge Funds.
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Latin America Investment Banking

Emerging Power or Emerging Bubble? What You Do in the Latin America Coverage Group at an Investment Bank

Latin America Investment Banking: How to Break In, How Deals Differ, Key Points on Valuation, and Cultural and Economic Differences.
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Quit Your Finance Job?

To Leave, or Not to Leave: Is That the Question?

Quit Your Finance Job? How to Decide Based on Your Bonus, Co-Workers, Work, and Exit Opportunities.
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Investment Banking Assessment Centers

EMEA Recruitment, Part 2: How to Dominate Your Assessment Centers and Land Investment Banking Offers

How to Dominate Your Assessment Centers and Land IB Offers: Guide to Group Discussions, Presentations, Numerical Tests, and E-Tray / In-Tray.
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Value Investing 101

Value Investing 101: How to Become a Value Investor

Value Investing 101: Passive, Contrarian, and Activist Strategies and How to Break Into the Value Investing Industry.
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EMEA Investment Banking Recruiting

How to Navigate the EMEA Recruitment Maze and Land Investment Banking Offers in Europe and Beyond – Part 1

EMEA Investment Banking Recruitment: How the Process Works, How to Win Recruiters' Attention, and How to Pass Ability Tests and Interviews with Flying Colors.
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Why Investment Banking Deals Fail

Why You Won’t Close a Single Deal in Your First Year of Banking – and What to Do About It

Why Investment Banking Deals Fail: The Top Reasons Why You Won't Close Deals as a Banker, and What to Do About It.
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