MBA and Masters Programs For Investment Banking

An Overview of MBA and Masters Programs in Relation to Investment Banking Recruitment and Careers

Is an MBA or Masters Degree Useful for Investment Banking?

Many budding investment bankers wonder if an MBA or Masters Degree could be a useful asset for breaking into (or advancing within) the industry. 

The truth is that the right type of advanced degree from the right school at the right time may boost your career… but the wrong degree could turn out to be a massive waste of time and money.  

In this article we help you tell the difference and point you to further, more detailed resources.


How To Break Into Investment Banking With An MBA

An MBA degree from a top school can sometimes be used as a link between non-finance industry experience (e.g. technology, consumer/retail, healthcare or energy) and investment banking.  Check out an outline of the MBA-to-IB Path here.

What About a Masters in Finance Program? 

Another potential inroad into finance is a Master’s In Finance (MSF) program.  While an MSF degree is by no means a “silver bullet” for entering investment banking, it may help you with:

  • Re-Branding – If nothing in your background seems related to finance, the degree will move you closer if you also get work experience.
  • Boosting Your Prestige – If you went to a lesser-known university, you could make up for it by completing a Master’s degree at a top school.
  • Access to Recruiters – If you attend a program that offers on-campus recruiting, you’ll have a much easier time winning interviews.

Access to Internships – You’ll also have an easier time winning internships before and during the school year if you contact firms and say you’re an incoming or current MSF student at University X.

Getting Into An MBA Program From Finance

The flipside is banking professionals who want to transition from banking into an MBA program. If that’s your focus, these articles will help:

Career Resources For Investment Banking

While an MBA or Master’s degree may play a part in your journey into or out of banking, one thing is for sure: banks and institutions are looking for professionals who possess the specific technical skills to hit the ground running.

That’s where professional courses from Mergers & Inquisitions and Breaking Into Wall Street can help.  Some of our most relevant courses include:

Investment Banking Interview Guide
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