Tech Startups, Entrepreneurship, and Investment Banking

How to Make The Leap From Investment Banking or Finance into Tech/Startups

How To Break Into Tech Startups or Entrepreneurship From IB

The adage that “the grass is always greener on the other side” certainly applies to jaded investment bankers or finance professionals who want to experience the world of tech startups and/or entrepreneurship.  

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, this article comparing Consulting vs Trading vs Entrepreneurship may help. 

We also discuss the question Should You Quit Recruiting or Working Full-Time and Start Your Own Company Instead?

Career Resources for Bankers Moving into Startups

If your goal is to work at a startup or advise startups, it helps to be familiar with venture capital, how VC deals work, and how to set up capitalization tables (cap tables) and granular financial models.

So, our Venture Capital & Growth Equity Modeling course is a perfect match since it covers these exact topics.

Beyond that, in any type of corporate finance, investor relations, or fundraising role at a startup, it’s helpful to understand the foundational skills in financial modeling, such as 3-statement models and DCF analyses, and you still need to know Excel and PowerPoint quite well.

Based on that, we recommend the following courses to enhance your knowledge, prepare for startup, VC, and “growth” roles, and get up to speed when you start working:

  • Venture Capital & Growth Equity Modeling – Explained above
  • Excel & VBA – Perfect for learning the key shortcuts, commands, and formulas required in spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint Pro – You’ll learn how to build slide decks, fix and update slides, and use shortcuts and macros efficiently
  • BIWS Premium – This course combines the Excel and PowerPoint training and adds financial modeling as well
Venture Capital & Growth Equity Modeling (BIWS)
Excel & VBA (BIWS)
PowerPoint Pro (BIWS)
Venture Capital