Select Your Resume / Cover Letter Editing and Coaching Services Below:


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Investment Banking Resume / CV Editing Service

A line-by-line edit of your resume / CV to attract the attention and interest of investment bankers and private equity / hedge fund / other investment professionals, and present your academic and professional history in the best light possible.

NOTE: We will ONLY edit ONE version of your resume / CV. If you have multiple different versions and you require editing for all of them, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for each version.

NOTE: We use our own resume / CV template as the starting point for this process. Please click here to see several examples of this template. If you do NOT want to use this template or you are looking for a resume / CV that is longer than this, please do not sign up for these services.

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Diagnostic Phone Call

You’ll speak directly with our Investment Banking Resume and Coaching Specialist, so we can better understand your unique background and provide you with a strong direction for your resume and cover letter.

NOTE: This is NOT a coaching call or mock interview. Instead, this is a brief call that lets us understand your background and how we can best position your experience. So it does NOT include extended feedback on your pitch, your story, your networking efforts, and so on – all of that is offered ONLY in the coaching calls.

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60-Day Expiration Date

Once you sign up, you MUST submit your resume, cover letter (if applicable), and other documents within 60 days, and you must respond to our edits and email requests and arrange your diagnostic call and coaching calls (if applicable) within that time frame.

Please do NOT sign up for these services if you’re planning to wait several months to use them. We will not be able to accommodate you, and will instead immediately refund your money if you do not submit everything that is required within 60 days.

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# of Rounds of Editing (Each round is 5 business days apart)

Getting your resume and cover letter “just right” is the goal. We’ll provide several rounds of editing (5 business days apart) to ensure you get a result you’re thrilled with.

NOTE: We will ONLY edit ONE version of your resume / CV. If you have multiple different versions and you require editing for all of them, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for each version.

2 rounds 3 rounds 3 rounds
2 Business Day RUSH Service (Optional)

If you’re in a hurry, we can guarantee 2 business day turnaround of your resume and/or cover letter.

You must pay the rush service fee for each document you submit. For example, if you need rush service for both your resume / CV and cover letter, you will have to pay the fees listed on the right twice.

$150 per document $130 per document $100 per document
Investment Banking Cover Letter Editing Service

If your cover letter is no good, your resume will never even get noticed. Our industry experts will edit your cover letter to pique the interest of bankers and make them eager to read your resume.

NOTE: We use our own cover letter template as the starting points for this process. Please click here to see the template. If you do NOT want to use this template or you are looking for a cover letter that is longer than this, please do not sign up for any package that includes cover letter editing.

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Email Q&A

Our experts will be on call to answer any questions you have about putting your best foot forward in networking and interviews and achieving maximum success.

NOTE: This email Q&A expires in 30 days after your initial sign-up. YouMUST ask your questions within that time frame, because personalized Q&A expires at the end of this period. If you want to commence your Q&A later than your sign-up date, please let us know your reasons and your time frame in advance, and we may make exceptions depending on your case. Please note that we will not be able to answer individual Q&As after the 30-day period.

NOTE: To see exactly what is included in this email Q&A and the questions we can and can’t answer, please read this document that describes the support services. We CANNOT answer questions that are listed under the “What is NOT Included in the Support Services” category.

30 days 30 days
Revision of Emails

We will also revise and edit emails of your choosing, including follow-up / thank you emails, interview request emails, introductory emails, and so on.

NOTE: This only includes revisions of EXISTING emails that you have written, NOT drafting emails from scratch.

Revisions of 2 Emails Revisions of 4 Emails
1-on-1 “Personal Pitch” Coaching Calls

During these 30-minute calls with our Senior Coach Nicole, you’ll get feedback and guidance on how to construct and deliver a winning Personal Pitch – and you’ll get answers to any recruiting-related questions you have.

One (1) 30-Minute Call Two (2) 30-Minute Calls
Access to BIWS IB Networking Toolkit

You’ll get secure online access to our popular training program, the BIWS Investment Banking Networking Toolkit, including Q&A and support via our help desk.

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Priority Response to All Emails

Your email questions will go to the “front of the line” for the fastest response.

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Pitch Perfection Service

Following your personalized coaching call, you can submit your revised 2-3 minute pitch (a 2-3 minute audio file or a 1-page written document). We’ll provide you with feedback and suggestions to revise your pitch and make it “pitch-perfect” within 5 business days.

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Personalized & Customized Action Plan

This is a 1-page document that sums up our recommended recruiting strategy for you, and gives you a concrete set of Action Steps to follow when networking.

Click here to see an example Action Plan for a previous client.

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One “LinkedIn For Investment Banking” Profile Edit and Review

LinkedIn is a powerful networking and recruiting tool when used to its full potential. We’ll review and edit your existing LinkedIn profile so that you get more attention from recruiters, win interviews more effectively, and put your best foot forward online.

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Calls, Cancellation Policies, and Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do we arrange the diagnostic and/or coaching calls?

All our calls will be conducted on Skype, unless stated otherwise. Please provide us with your Skype ID once you sign up.

Please remember that we require a 10-hour cancellation notice.

If you’re late for your appointment, you will lose that time. If you do not show up for the appointment, you will still be charged in full.

What is your refund policy?

We are happy to refund you the sign-up fee prior to the diagnostic call and edits of your documents, if we don’t feel that our services can benefit you.

However, once we’ve conducted the diagnostic call there will be no refunds.

What documents do you need before speaking with me on the diagnostic call?

Prior to the start of our diagnostic call, we need the following from you:

  • Your resume
  • Your cover letter
  • Your completed coaching questionnaire

What happens after I purchase one of your services?

You’ll be redirected to a page where you can submit your information and attach your resume and/or cover letter.

Then, you will receive a confirmation email from us and you’ll receive back an edited version of your resume and/or cover letter within the specified time frame.

We will also schedule the diagnostic phone call and coaching calls (if applicable) for times that fit your schedule.

Credit card payments don’t work for me. Is there another way I can pay?

We use our shopping cart system and the credit card payment options because they’re safe and reliable. They also have multiple protections for you to ensure your privacy and security.

However, if you cannot sign up using the links above, please contact us and we’ll direct you to alternate payment methods.

What if I want additional coaching sessions or different versions or types of documents edited?

Please email us via the Contact page, and we will let you know if we can help and send you the appropriate quote for the services.