Former Associate Editors and Contributors

This page lists bios of M&I’s former Associate Editors and Contributors.

Note that we do not regularly update these descriptions once someone leaves to pursue other opportunities.

So if you want to see someone’s current profile, please do a search on LinkedIn.

Peter Yu aspired to be the first electric violinist rock star the world had ever seen – Bono meets Yo-Yo Ma (yeah, the instruments are different). But the world at large wasn’t quite ready for his cutting-edge style, so he decided to head to Stanford instead and bust out his moves there.

Management consulting was his destination of choice after graduating, but after flying to the Yukon Territory one too many times and realizing that you still can’t buy bottles with Starwood points, he moved into M&A instead.

Peter previously assisted with customer support on Breaking Into Wall Street, co-founded The GMAT Pill, and currently works in product management.

Luis Miguel Ochoa currently works in strategic planning and helps companies grow inorganically. Previously, he covered the industrial sector from both a financing and advisory perspective in investment banking.

His past clients include Alcoa, Ford, and Stanley Works. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stanford University, where he was a member of the varsity fencing team.

Luis contributed many of the best articles on this site, including most of the in-depth features on different industry and product groups.

Jerry Chi originally had aspirations of becoming an NBA star. When he was passed over in the draft, he decided that going to college strictly for educational purposes would be a better idea. He attended Stanford University, where he studied business and finance and fell in love with Japan after studying abroad there twice.

After graduation, he returned to Japan and worked on the equities and fixed income trading desks of major U.S. and European investment banks in Tokyo, specializing in credit derivatives trading.

He then founded a prop trading firm in Beijing, sold the company, and studied at both Yonsei University in Seoul and The Lauder Institute at Wharton for his MBA. He then worked as a Financial Analyst at Google and is currently an Analyst at Supercell.

Exeter Jones is a philosopher trapped inside the body of a writer, trapped inside the body of an alternative investment analyst. He graduated from Morehouse College and took his talents to a middle-market bank in Upstate New York – only to immediately regret that decision once he blew his signing bonus.

His desire to be a professor has been impaired by his desire not to be poverty-stricken, which in turn led him to work in the alternative investments field for the last few years. In his spare time, he still finds time to work out as if he were training for the NFL Combine – and his favorite breakfast food is ESPN.

He is intent on helping young professionals navigate the labyrinth that is financial services while maintaining their integrity, sanity, and financial stability.

Shen Han Lee lives in Singapore, where his innate talent for drinking copious amounts of coffee goes largely unnoticed.

His knack for saying things with a straight face during interviews led to his first career as a stockbroker, where he stuck around for four years before realizing that life was too short to dispense the same financial platitudes over and over again on a daily basis.

He has written several articles for M&I, as well as his own books, which you can check out right here.

The Financial Globe-Trotter became interested in finance at the age of 7 while watching It’s a Wonderful Life, featuring the 1929 Black Friday. She didn’t quite understand it at the time, but did some more research and started investing at the ripe age of 11, using her newfound knowledge and savings from her weekly allowance.

Originally from Canada, she enrolled in a top Master’s program in Europe, worked in investment banking in London, and currently works in private equity.

Don Levett studied at UCL in London, worked in private equity and strategy consulting, and currently works in event planning for the financial services industry in the U.K.

He is the author of How to Find a Graduate Job and has produced events that brought together some of the world’s top financiers. You can get more from Don on his personal blog and also by following him on Twitter right here.

Mike Moran, CFA is the Founder of Life on the Buy Side and a portfolio manager at a long-only asset management firm. Making his triumphant entrance into finance in the 90’s, he surfed the tech boom wave but then wiped out when the bubble burst at exactly the wrong time.

He found himself bored to tears working in insurance after that, went into real estate but realized he didn’t want to launch a reality TV show or run for President like Donald Trump, and then earned his MBA and moved up the ladder from equity analyst to portfolio manager.

Hetty MacIntyre grew up in Western Europe and the Deep South before attending a liberal arts college in the Northeast. She decided to stick around for the snow, surly attitude, and bad roads.

After college, she worked at a large pension and endowment investment manager but realized she had a stock picker’s heart and started her own value-oriented private investment fund. She later rolled up her fund into a multi-strategy fund and joined the team there.

Leni S. grew up in Bulgaria, attended university in London and Paris, and interned at venture capital and asset management firms.

She currently works in investment management in London. When she’s not studying foreign languages or working on exciting new clubs or projects, she enjoys catching up with the latest movies and singing Bulgarian folklore songs.

Anthony – MSFHQ moved from the back office to the front office and lived to tell the tale, despite all our warnings against such a move. Right out of undergraduate he accepted a back office job at a custody bank, not fully aware of the surgeon general’s warning against the back office.

Then he networked into a front-office rotational program at a European bank, attended Villanova University’s MSF program, and broke into private equity. Now he runs MSFHQ to teach you all about Master’s in Finance programs and how to use them to break into the finance industry.

Andy Sondag graduated from California State University, Chico, with big dreams of breaking into the financial world. After interning at a small investment bank, he decided to modify his path and ended up as an analyst at a commercial real estate brokerage.

In his free time, he boxes, rock climbs, and occasionally pretends he is Mark Zuckerberg (he founded, a website that helps students find discount textbooks).