Cost of Capital – The Web Series

Wall Street meets The Social Network‘ in this 6-episode dramatic web series, created and written by Brian DeChesare.

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It’s a rare behind-the-scenes look into the shadowy world of billionaire investors – where egos and intrigue collide and a single deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars must get done at any cost.


"Wall Street meets The Social Network."

6-episode web series created by Brian DeChesare. Brian is the Founder of Mergers & Inquisitions, the biggest investment banking blog in the world, with nearly half a million monthly visitors and tens of thousands of subscribers.

Episode 1

The Idea

We join Jason, a new private equity associate, whose weekend is ruined when he gets called into work and is ordered to find a company for his firm to invest in. He struggles to balance that with taking care of and paying for his sick grandfather. Meanwhile, his friends Todd and Leonard discuss a tiny company, IonX, which might want to sell -- in the midst of getting rejected by two girls. Jason calls dozens of...

Episode 2

The Fundraising

Jason meets with Nancy, the CEO of IonX, and learns more about her business. Back at work, he gets pulled off onto another project and finds out that Nancy doesn't want to sell anymore and that a new co-worker, Martin, may pose a threat to him. Nancy meets with her business partner Scott and is tempted by the prospect of starting a new company with him...

Episode 3

The Reversal

Robert, the Founder of Jason's firm, is skeptical over IonX and needs more information first. Meanwhile, the economy has worsened and Scott no longer wants to start a business with Nancy, forcing her into other alternatives -- namely, staying at IonX and selling it to prove her competence to Scott. Jason learns of more bad news about his grandfather, and finds out...

Episode 4

The Deal

Jason and Nancy meet, with Nancy growing more doubtful over the deal and making even more demands. Robert, the Founder of Jason's firm, is under pressure from one of his investors, Paula, to close a deal soon and he takes it out on David, who claims that he has a way to get the IonX deal done by calming down Paula and giving her "what she wants." They speak...

Episode 5

The Negotiations

Nancy demands a price that's too high as well other onerous terms, and David, Robert, and Jason debate what to do. Martin meets with his father, Clyde, who has access to investments that have been performing very well, and asks him for a "special favor." Jason and David contact Todd and Leonard to secure funding for the deal, and they meet with Nancy to deliver the good news...

Episode 6

The Dotted Line

Nancy calls Jason and David to say she has accepted their offer and will sell her company -- but also mentions that she has a few more demands. Martin sets up a meeting between his father Clyde and Paula, and we finally learn the mysterious connection that allows David and Robert to win her support for the deal. Jason is excited about his bonus and being able to pay off his family's medical expenses...